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Shopping for area rug, need advice

11 years ago

I am just about finished with my living room makeover. New paint, refinished oak floors, new furniture, new blinds, new lamps, new curtains. I love the look of the oak floors and would go without a rug if I could, but winter is coming and I will need to make it cozy.

So I want an area rug. But there are so many places and ways to buy a rug. Online there's Overstock, Macy's, JCPenneys, Sears, Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. I live in the Detroit area so there are lots of places to shop in person, Home Goods, Macy's, JCPenneys, Sears, and carpet stores. If you order from Overstock and you want to return it, you have to pay for the shipping so that's a reason to not order from them, does anyone know what that costs? But Overstock has an awesome selection, with more reviews and better descriptions than other sites. If I order online from a department store and end up returning, can I return to the local store?

Where do you all start? Should I go to a carpet store? Is there another online rug store I should look at? Oh, and should I look for wool only or what?

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