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Nightstand(s) and lamp(s)

15 years ago

I'm here asking for help again. Y'all are going to be very sick of me soon, I'm sure. Please have mercy!

I'm moving along on decorating one of our guest rooms. I have the bed, bedding and some art work. (I haven't hung the artwork yet because I may move the bed left or right, so you will have to use your imagination.) Also, if you tell me you hate it, anything (except the bed frame) can be returned at this point.

I'm stymied on nightstands and would also like your input on bedside lamps. For the nightstands, I don't need "normal" storage. Ideally, I'd like to use a short (24") book shelf so that I can put favorite novels on the shelves for guest. I'm thinking of scouring local thrift/antique shops and painting whatever I find, but I'm very open to suggestions. Do you have any? I think unless they are very slim, I only have room for one. Should I go slim and put one on either side since this is a king size bed?

For the lamp(s), I'm thinking of pulling the orange or brown color. I'd like this to be a strong accent. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you so much for looking!


Roman shades to match the bedding are ordered...

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