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~*~ pics ~*~ flooring transition.. wood or tile, opinions please

16 years ago

ANOTHER decision issue that I am having a hard time with! I don't know WHY I just can't seem to get a handle on these items!

I finally made up my mind - I am going to go with Cherry cabinets in the kitchen. I have a wood floor picked out for the whole house, (except for the bathrooms, which will be a tile which I also have decided on - thank goodness!) I like the shade, but it is very close to the color of the cherry cabinets, so I am wondering if it would be better to go with tile in the kitchen to give it more contrast, since I can't seem to find a floor that I like better (I don't care for oak)

I am not sure if breaking the floor up is a good idea, and if it would look too choppy if I did. I am not opposed to using the wood in the kitchen at all, I just want the BEST look.

This is the tile I would use, but it really is much nicer in person then online:


Here is the hardwood:


Here is a picture of the cabinet color:


Here is the floor plan of our new build.


Thanks in advance for your opinions, as DH IS NO HELP! (and I would bore my family and friends)

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