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Help me decide on color of travertine base molding - PICS

11 years ago


I mostly hang out on the Bath forum as I work on our to-the-studs masterbath renovation but I love popping over here to lurk and learn.

I'm about to order tile and thought that you might have some advice. I love the look of travertine but due to the expense and maintenance, we've chosen a glazed porcelain tile instead.

On the floor, we're going with 18 x 18's on the diagonal with 4" travertine deco accents.

The shower tile will be mostly 12 x 18's set horizontally with an inset band of 4 x 4's on the diagonal with 2" travertine deco accents. I laid some of these tiles out on my floor to get an idea of the look and spacing. (Picture all of these "hung" on the wall, with the furthest tile being at the ceiling, etc.):

A closer look at our shower inset:

We're planning to add a narrow 1/2 round at the top and bottom of the inset to give it a more finished look.

My current dilemma (and the reason why I'm posting my question here rather than in the Bath forum) is what to do about the base molding. We happen to like the look of a substantial base molding on a tile floor. I think that would be a nice compliment to the arch and columns in our tub surround. Unfortunately, our tile only has a standard bullnose so I've been looking for a travertine base.

The two best options I've found so far are in the foreground of the shower wall layout photo. Here is a closer view of them:

The lighter one is a pretty good match for the deco accent tiles and would be an obvious contrast with our shower and floor tiles.

The darker one is a pretty good match for some of my shower and floor tiles but I think it reads a little more red(?) so I'm concerned that it will look like we tried but failed to match.

I'm not opposed to continuing my search but it has been surprisingly difficult to find these moldings, particulary since I can't (or rather, I won't) wait 2 - 3 months to get them.

The wall color that you see is a primer coat of SW Kilim Beige. It may not be our final choice once we see all of the elements in the room. (Actually, I'd love some suggestions on paint colors too since I know that there are many color experts on this board!)

The room will have dark granite (Moxuara, mostly black with taupe & copper), medium brown cabinets, polished nickel faucets and satin nickel sconces. The tub area will have a Pottery Barn Clarissa glass drop chandelier.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks SO much!

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