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Sitting Room Chair Placement Question (Pics)

14 years ago

Hello, everyone!

Ever so slowly, my goal is to build a "reading room" near the entry of my home. I'd like it to be a cozy place where hubby and i can read the Sunday paper, or enjoy a game of Scrabble. I've been toying in my mind with a "library" feel.

Recently, we purchased two exceedingly comfortable chairs to get the room started, but i'm struggling with placement. The room also has a sideboard in it (which has to stay in that room since there's no other place for it).

At first, i had the sideboard against one of the walls. Today, i slid the sideboard under the windows, and although it might be hard to tell from the photographs, i think the feel of the room is a lot more comfortable. This leaves me with two HUGE empty walls, though, which i guess i can eventually fill with artwork or photographs.

I'd appreciate it if you guys could take a peak at the room and tell me if i'm on the right track? Of course it looks horrible now with "borrowed" tables just to act as placeholders.

With the sideboard against the wall:


With the sideboard under the window:


Just to give you an idea of the window and fireplace scale:


Any other general recommendations would be welcomed as well, because i'm really a little bit hopeless about this sort of thing.

Thanks everyone ...

PS: Would a simple wainscoting help this room do you think?


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