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Multiple shorter runners rather than 1 continuous stair runner?

12 years ago

Just wondering if this would work and if you would have any advice.

I found a 7'-1" long runner in the Penney's catalog that I like. I measured and this will cover 5 stairs. I have 16 stairs so I would need 4 short runners to do the whole run, and I would have a chunk left over. I am planning on installing stair rods so the seams where the pieces come together (back of tread at the riser) would be hidden.

Obviously this would not work if there was a border or if the pattern didn't come together nicely. Of course, the catalog only shows a bit of it; I can't see the whole thing (not online either).

Worth taking a chance or not?

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to runner under consideration

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