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What size bed for a 10 year old? Small bedroom issue!

14 years ago

I posted this over on furniture, too. I'm just wondering what you folks might have to say about this. My DD is turning 10 soon. She is in need of a new mattress. She is currently using an older full-size bed/mattress that we inherited when we moved into our new house 5 years ago. Her room is small (11X12) and the bed takes up the whole room (or so it seems.)

I was thinking of downsizing to a twin size. Would this be a mistake? I currently have her bed centered on a wall, and I think that is why it seems to swallow the room.

Another thought I had was to keep her in a full-size bed, and get rid of her dressers. Get her a clothing armoire to store clothes, and push her bed into one of the corners of the room to create more floor space. Then maybe she'll have enough room for a pretty vanity for her 10th birthday.

Anyways - thanks for reading. Any thoughts?

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