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Help deciding color of exterior shutters

15 years ago

We're painting our cottage-style brick house and replacing the shutters. The old shutters were cheap vinyl and incorrectly sized, so we're going to change them to real board-and-batten shutters with working hardware, and they'll be correctly sized (well, as correct as we can for the double windows - they'll be the right size if they were double shutters if that makes sense).

We've decided on Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow from the historic colors as the house, and the trim will be white. The current door and shutter color is black and that has been our choice for the new shutters as well. But today I saw a swatch for Charleston Green which is an almost black green, and I thought it might be a nice alternative, especially since another house in the neighborhood just painted their house yellow with black accents before we could get ours painted :)

What would you go with - black or Charleston green? Would you do the same color for the door and shutters, or a different color for the door?

I know some people don't think you should paint the brick, but it really isn't an attractive brick, and almost every other 1950's house in the neighborhood looks just like ours. There are tons of painted brick houses in town, and we really like the look (and a realtor told us it's personal preference and that we're not committing resale suicide :) OK, just had to get my justification out there :) Thanks for any ideas!

Here's a photo:


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