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Small room, big chair?

8 years ago

Husband and I are moving to a smaller house (40% smaller than the current house). Since our upkeep cost is going to be quite a bit lower, I have the opportunity to splurge on a comfortable leather chair for myself, and I have the choice to put it wherever I like.

The new house has lots of small, but airy and bright rooms with vaulted ceiling. My two favorite rooms are facing south, with big windows and skylights, and gorgeous view. However, these two rooms are small: 8'x9', 11'x12'. They are adjacent to a big kitchen.

The chair I've been wanting is H&M Journey Chair (H 38.5", W 41", D 41"). It looks big relative to the room(s) I want to put it in, but I am thinking perhaps the high vaulted ceiling will make it work somehow?

Do you think such a big chair would look okay in one of the two rooms mentioned above? I attached a rough layout below, and a few pictures of the rooms. The decor is not ours, as we haven't moved in yet. The room with the pretty swing (Sunroom) is 8'x9', and the room with the TV (Den) is 11'x12'.

If I get the chair, I think I'd get an ottoman to go with it, so I can put my feet up and relax. Alternatively, I could get the H&M Journey Loveseat (vs. chair + ottoman).

While it would be really nice to relax in a sunny, bright room, husband is concerned about leather being damaged by the sunlight. One of our current leather chairs has faded quite a bit because it sits next to a window. We are not going to do any window treatments in the new house (there is no privacy issue).

Anyway, I'd like to hear your opinions before making any decisions. Thank you!




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