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How to mix a solid loveseat with a patterned sofa?

15 years ago

Hello everyone! I have a den that currently holds a beige loveseat. I want to incorporate a full-sized sofa into this room. See pictures below for the room as-is. My current plan is to remove the Eames chair & ottoman from this room, put the new big sofa in front of the window, and move the loveseat to the wall where the Eames chair currently sits. The bookcases will stay put. What you don't see in my pictures is the wall across from the window - there are closet doors and a TV on a stand.

I need some advice on the following, please:

1. What sofa features I should look for in order to complement the style of my loveseat? Do I need the arms to be squared, like the loveseat? The loveseat has wood feet, so I'm guessing I need to avoid a skirted sofa?

2. The loveseat fabric is textured, which is quite obvious in person but maybe not in the pictures. Do I need to select a sofa that has a smooth fabric?

3. Although I have not shopped for sofas yet, I'm leaning toward a print because I think a solid color sofa next to the solid color loveseat will look haphazard, like I had some furniture leftover and didn't know what to do with it so I stuck it in this room. So I keep coming back to the idea of a patterned fabric. Nothing too feminine and probably no plaids. If you have suggestions or can show me your combination of mis-matched sofas, maybe I'll be able to picture what I'm getting at.




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