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Stumped with floor/hardware choices

11 years ago

I need help. We have had no flooring in our master closet since April. Now that the built-ins are installed and stained, I have been trying to get a "feel" for what to do in there, as to flooring, cabinet hardware, etc. I really don't want carpet, as I shed, my house manufactures lots of lint/dust, and the ironing board in in here (starch overspray). I think I really would like tile and maybe get an inexpensive runner. After months of thinking, this is what I have come up with. I have green in my bathroom and bedroom. The closet floor does not necessarily have to "match" the bathroom tile which is beige 12x12 marble. I am just perplexed and I am tired of thinking about it. My DH is about to do something I don't want to live with, he's so tired of the concrete. I have so over thought this, I'm not sure of my color picking/complimenting stuff anymore Here is the closet: My end:

DH end:

Floor tile 6x6

Drawer Hardware:

Except this 40 inch drawer would have this green glass bin pull (2 of them) in frosted or clear and ORB finish.

I cant afford to do all the drawers in the glass bin pulls. I wish I could. They are $11 each. So I thought I would do them on the one big drawer in the center. Then our drawers would have the bronze-y copper one. Most of the drawers are 36". I have 4 on the right of the closet that are 28" and was only going to do one pull in the center on them. Two on the others

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