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LR is painted - pillows & tablecloth ?s.

10 years ago

Sorry, things sometimes take longer these days.
Before BM Shelburne Buff - CanâÂÂt find an original pic. Was flopping pillows around here.
Color is more accurate on the side walls.

Now BM Shaker Beige - painted the back of the bookends the same too. Unfortunately itâÂÂs NOT photographing accurately which kind of defeats the point of showing photos. :(
I really like it.
This one is probably the closest to the color but still isn't how it looks IRL.

What about adding the houndstooth plaid and fur? (Failed to REMOVE gold pillows - please ignore.)
I have a few remnant pieces of this. I also like Restoration HardwareâÂÂs covers in mink.
This fur pillow mock up is 16x26

HereâÂÂs 13x21.

RHâÂÂs - Sizes shown are 26âÂÂsq., 22âÂÂsq., 16x26, 13x21. I think they look smaller in the photos online.

HereâÂÂs a photo of the mink color in their throw. Not sure if this is more accurate of the color or not.

This smaller houndstooth plaid, that was talked about in the other thread, I feel is too similar to the other and I believe IâÂÂd only like it if I make a fake pocket with a large button in the middle. I think IâÂÂd prefer a different texture (like fur) instead of another pattern.
Old pic.

I wanted to replace the camel color with burlap and keep the topper. HereâÂÂs a scrap piece of standard burlap and it looks blah with the topper. Tablecloth color suggestions? IâÂÂd be ok with changing the topper (or pillow or throw over here). I do want to keep the round table because I feel it helps add some weight to this side.

The Lamp
IâÂÂll either change color of the shade or replace it.

I removed the floral prints that flanked the couch. IâÂÂm thinking of buying this print by John Constable and similar art for the room. I donâÂÂt have a clear game plan yet.

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