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Another curtain rod hanging question(long)

Nancy Adamopoulos
12 years ago

I have a small dilemma. I have 2 large sets of windows that span 119". I plan on hanging double rods on both windows.

Window #1(Dining room): Because of the way the studs and walls are located there might be up to a 1.5" difference in the rod extension in the left vs. right side of the window. I figure that's probably ok and it probably won't be that noticeable once the drapes are up. The other option would be to install 1 side in the drywall(not in a stud) to make it symmetrical.

My issue on this window is that there is a tray ceiling that abuts the tip of the arched window trim (see pic), so would you hang the center support on the trim itself?

Window #2(Living room): There is only 17" from the right trim to the right wall. If I were to have a finial on that end, the double bracket would probably have to be installed in the drywall without a stud. On the left side the stud is 17-19" to the left of the window trim.

The curtain rod is heavy and the outer curtains will be heavy as well(interlined silk curtains). so the options for window # 2 are

1. Install both brackets in the drywall(no stud) approx 15" from both sides of the window trim to accomodate the finials.

2. Install both brackets in the studs at 17" and just have a finial on the left side and an end cap on the right.

3. Install the right bracket in the drywall (no stud) at 15" with finial and install the left side at 17-18" in the stud with finial (so asymmetric).

Which one would you do? Ideally I would like it symmetrical with finials, but I worry about the weight of the double rods and curtains on the drywall.

Here is the living room window(ignore hubbys beat up college couch :) ):

Thanks in advance!!


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