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Dining Room Ideas? French Country Vision PICS

12 years ago

I would like to create the French Country look my dining room.

I am on a very tight budget and plan to either buy select Craigslist pieces OR possibly re-do my existing table and purchase some ladder back rush seats to go with it.

The dining table will need to stay where it is .. At one point I moved the dining table to the smaller area where the pine hutch is now. I had wiring and a small chandelier over it. A ceiling fan went in the center of the room. My idea was to have a sitting area by the fireplace (by moving the dining table over there to the smaller area) My husband didn't like it saying he always wanted the table in the middle of the room.

He wasn't happy with all the costly re-doing of chandeliers, wiring, fans, moving things. I have another large chandelier in the garage now sigh.

So the dining table Stays in the middle. We recently (over a loooonnnnnng time) remodeled our kitchen. We now have a breakfast bar.

The office stuff flanking the fireplace is my home-school for our son. We school at the dining table. I can move it to the back *sun room* out of sight but it will be less convenient. The desk on the other side of the fireplace my husband resists moving BUT I could arrange to have my way LOL. The desk could be replaced with a french country desk or like I say I could *arrange* to move it entirely. hubby won't like that.

I always wanted a seating area by the fireplace. With the dining table in the middle of the room I was thinking perhaps an overstuffed chair and side table with lamp on the right where the homeschool stuff is.

Perhaps a Buffet on the left? More seating? haven't got that far.

My focus now is the dining table. I sanded down a small area of the Shaker wood table I have yesterday and found nice wood underneath.

I wanted to post pics of my room, the stuff I already have and get some vision for the room.

Someone suggested I make a new thread since the pics I posted on another thread might not be noticed.

I am open to ALL comments. Please keep in mind the whole house was a complete wreck in very bad disrepair and is a work in progress. We only just got our tile down and like I say, the kitchen remodel. My kitchen cabinets are a true robins egg blue (I painted them and finished them Finally after first painting them white, yes I changed my mind and went with what I originally wanted but was too chicken to do)

They are blue with black rustic iron hardware. Some of you might remember me from way back trying to paint my kitchen.

The fireplace is a working fireplace that is it is used daily for Heat in the cooler months.

The Monet over the fireplace is numbered lithograph .. not junk LOL. I love it and was one of my great thrift store finds!

I like French Country or Cottage French Country.

What I was hoping as far as input from you fellow decorators

1. Can THIS black table Work for the French Country style IF I sand down the top. I would leave the top bare wood.

I could paint the legs White, robins egg blue to pick up the blue from my kitchen cabs, or a sunny butter yellow? Or leave them black.

2. I have a church style bench with storage. It could be painted to match the legs of the table. It could also be left as is with the addition of the cushion.

3. I could purchase ladder back rush wood chairs to complete the set and put matching pads on the chairs and the bench in a french country style fabric.

I could use just the table and ditch the bench. Or I can ditch the table altogether (in that case won't bother to finish sanding the table although it was coming off fairly easily)

4. Your general impressions

5. Any ideas/visions

6. Can I keep that hutch? LOL .. I know I can.

7. Obviously the wood on the tabletop won't *match* the wood on the hutch but perhaps I can get the ladderback chairs in the same pine to coordinate or not bother matching them is o.k.?

8. For the fireplace area I need new fireplace tools. A shorter set designed to sit up on raised hearths.

9. Does the arrangement over the fireplace work? I worked hard on that set LOL. I am open to comments/sugeestions

10. I like the bare tile floors for EASY clean up. Like I said I have an 8 year old son and we homeschool at the table. When I had a rug under the table it was much harder to clean but I am open to it if it will look better.

11. OH this is important. I have my new breakfast bar now which I am dying to start using but have No barstools. This way I can feed my son at the bar while our school stuff is spread out on the dining table without worrying about spilling milk or getting sticky syrup on the school papers LOL.

12. I would want the barchairs to either match OR at least coordinate with the look of the whole room.

I could buy some cheap ones temporarily but would rather get an idea of where I am going so I don't keep making mistakes.

I want the barchairs to have backs on them since they will be seriously used for eating for my son.

An idea I have for the kitchen barchairs might be to Paint them the same color as the legs of the table and the bench. In that way they could be coordinated and not have to match.

The side tables for the dining table could be the bare wood in pine? or whatever .. Walnut.

The wood table itself is handmade, it is Solid hardwood. I think the legs give it a country look. The table didn't cost me a lot but if I can use it, I will.

I could get another table with cabriole legs.

OH another thing. Obviously my room can accomodate a Longer table.

A longer table would leave less room to do any sitting area near the fireplace. I hate to take up TOO much room with a long table but I could def get a long table. An 8 foot table fits in there even with a parsons chair sticking out on the ends. Although that might be too long

those are the things I would like your input on.

The X back chairs in the pictures I will NOT be using at all. Just wanted to show you what the table looks like with the bench on one side and sidechairs on the other side.

finally bear with me posting pics because it is difficult for me to do and i don't always get it right lol

If you have read this far then I LOVE YOU! LOL

You have the patience of a saint!


Thanks so much and I welcome all feedback! (please)

Don't you think the Halloween decorations are a nice touch, LOL?


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