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I want to change the color of my entertainment center

15 years ago

I posted this on the woodworking forum, but was hoping for more imput here. We have a 5 piece entertainment center that I want to paint black, but my DH disagrees. He will go for a darker stain though. The doors and moldings are solid wood, but the shelves I believe are a laminated wood. The back is a masonite type board w/ a wood grain look. Anyone attempt this before w/ success?

Would I just sand everything and restain a darker color and then varnish? Will the shelves and back even take a stain?

A little background info:

We are building a new house and I really don't care for the oak look anymore. The trim will be painted white and the other wood in the house will be painted maple and stained cherry. I'm using black accents throughout the house so that's why I wanted to paint it black. Our current house has all oak trim and other oak furniture pieces so it's fine here. Should I even bother trying to change the color or just live w/ it? Any pics of black entertainment centers that I could show my DH?


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