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Decorative Gun Case - DH Won't Lock Up Guns!!

13 years ago

Husband is storing guns standing up in corner in furnace room of basement. They were in cases but our cat apparently wet on one of them and he then moved them out from under the storage area under the steps which is in the furace room area. He says some are locked and some are not but all are empty. This really really bothers me. His response was that they had been there for months and why am I now complaining. Well, I never go in that room and did not see them, that's why!! We have kids and I think it would be creepy for one of the girls to see that. You know how kids are. They place hide and seek and what not. The reason I found this out was that the lawn service was out and had to turn the water off in that room and guy said, "Wow, looks like somebody hunts at your house. Hope you don't have kids around." Well, he's right. How can I explain to my husband that sure nothing will probably happen but that this bothers me inside and also bothers me that he doesn't see this himself. Also, does anybody have decorative cases for these types of guns.

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