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Help Pls, Don't Want Kitchen Curtain... But Want Something?

16 years ago

Good morning, I am trying to figure out what to put above my kitchen window. I don't want anything to hang down to block the view out the window, so I don't want a valance or curtain for that reason. The space above the window is 48 inches wide and 13 inches tall and the window is 36 inches wide.

I thought this print would fit, but obviously it is way too large. In the store it looked a lot smaller. I should have taken my measurements with me. It will have to go somewhere else. The sun is coming up so the quality of the photo isn't that good due to too much light coming in the window.

I have these little hand painted tiles (5) which I originally purchased to go up there. Each tile is 4 inches square. Each tile has a slot for a nail on the back but they don't hang straight. I don't think the slots were placed exactly in the middle. I thought of gluing each tile to a board and hanging that up, but I am afraid if I glue them to the board and hang that up it won't look right and then I'll have them glued. I was trying to do something inexpensively rather than paying to have them professionally framed. The photo shows the tiles in their styrofoam packaging trays. They actually look pretty good just laying on that piece of cardboard I have them on. Maybe I can still glue them, I'll have to think about it. Has anyone every done something like this?

Accent color is teal or aqua. Kitchen has light maple cabinets, grey corian counters, and cherry floors. So I am looking for punches of color for various spots around.

Maybe I should leave the wall blank - I have so many nail holes up there now - I will practically have to replaster the whole thing.

Any creative ideas will be appreciated. Or if anyone has anything different they have done above their kitchen window that might help. Thanks.



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