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Gallery Wall Advice Please

10 years ago

I'm looking for some help with my gallery wall. I am so indecisive when it comes to decorating the walls, I go forever without anything up at all. Finally I told myself enough is enough. You can always take it back down!

This started with the big red one in the middle. It is an embroidery my MIL made for me when I was newly married (that's her in the oval frame). It was in a simple brown frame. Last year I painted the frame red and also painted some store art red and glued it on. My question with this one is, does it need another frame around the outside? Do I need to paint the outside a different color? There are other reds on the wall that are close to the same color so it does coordinate some. I'm just not sure.

The one on the hutch bottom (from my great aunt) needs to be framed and will go up beside my wedding pic. Or... do you think I can paint the edges and hang as is? It is by the same artist as the church painting on the far right. My Great Aunt and Uncle bought that while visiting us in Rio de Janeiro when I was a kid.

Above my MIL & FIL, is the inside of the clock that now has a picture of my Grandfather and Great Uncle (top far left). Above the clock is art my DIL made for me. Next to that is a church my Mom made when we lived in Rio (late 60's early 70's). Do you think it needs to be re-framed?

To the left of "big Red" are pictures of my son when he was little and next to that a hunting scene I had in another room. I would like to get non-glare glass for these three but have no idea where to buy it. Any ideas?

On top of the hunt scene is the picture of my Uncle and Grandfather. I painted a piece of cardboard a dark, thick (with texture) red to go behind the picture. I think it looks neat in the old clock frame with the glass, but am not too sure about it being an 8x10.5 in a circle frame. Not sure how to fix that. Any ideas?

Or should I just leave it all as is? I know, so many questions! LOL Thanks for all help.


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