Meeting with Decorator

8 years ago

I'm meeting with a decorator for the first time in my life on Saturday. This is not the kind of project where she'll select furniture and fabrics from fancy design houses and make her money in the difference between wholesale and retail. Rather, she's more like a "stager-decorator" --- she'll help us pick the big pieces and fabrics from retail stores and even online, help with paint colors, rugs, and accessories, "stage" the condo (which I am TERRIBLE at), lay out where the wall hangings should go, that kind of thing. Whatever's missing -- she'll suggest what we should get and where to get it, or she'll do the shopping for us. She gets paid by the hour, and she's done work I've liked for a friend.

My question is - what should I be prepared with on Saturday? Should I have pictures? Websites? Head to a store with her to show her the kinds of things we like (which is very eclectic)? Any other ideas?

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