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Window treatments for a NON window treatment type girl

12 years ago

Hello. I'm needing some help deciding what to do in my living area. I like the NO window treamtent look because I like the feel of the outdoors being inside but I'm wondering if I need something to soften the look and also the evening sun is painfully bright. I found some nice roman shades at Lowes which are faux silk and the color matches my wall color very well. I think I'd like them here but would like some input and ask if I would need something like a sheer or anything else with them?

A sheer? A simple topper thing? Something more substantial?We have roman shades in the bedrooms and really like them.

Now, the tour continues and we come to the piano nook. I'm planning on doing a swagged sheer that would drape to the floor on only the center windows (haven't figured out exactly what yet but will figure it out) What color would like good?

THEN.. LOST in the dining area. The living area and dining area are open to each other. There's 5 windows which are BRIGHT... can't-see-the-person-next-to-you-when-the-sun-is-setting type sunlight. I need something but can't come up with anything. If I do roman shades in the living area should I have them here as well? Just roman shades? Then a topper of some sort?? I saw some roll up shades at Lowes that were actally very cool but wonder if they are OUT OUT OUT! :) They have 2 layers - the top layer is sheer and the other one can be any fabric we want. But I don't want to be the odd woman out and have my friends and family saying "UGHH she has roller shades!"

Here's my pics and any help or advice would be wonderful. Lowes doesn't carry the roman shades in the width I need for the dining area windows but hopefully I could find them somewhere else. They would need to be 26 inch.

I'm a decent seamstress and could make something if not too difficult.

I'd love to see some photos and inspiration pics of others that might be similar or give me INSPIRATION!

Thanks so much,


This is a photo of our eating area. I will be refinishing the hutch and adding crown moulding to match my cabinets.Pardon the temporary paper shades. :)

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