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Any Opinions or Photos of River Rock, Exposed Aggregate Patios?

11 years ago

We have a good sized patio and a sort of sidewalk in our backyard. I have been on the fence about it for six years, considering and rejecting flagstone (too expensive and too many construction joints in the existing concrete) and stamped concrete (in the end, I just don't like it). So we have finally decided to do an exposed aggregate finish with a mix of larger stones than the uniformly sized pea gravel you often see on pool decks. The area is about 1000 square feet and we are adding another 110 feet to the main patio area. The house is medium shades of Virginia wood mold brick., and the decks are two shades of dark khaki. I wanted a pale rock look that has variation in color and texture, and this is the only thing I can think of. Only, nobody seems to use this anymore.... Is there something I don't know about it? We don't plan to seal it as I don't care for that wet look and that also makes it darker and forces you to reseal. Any warnings, opinions, photos of a good, bad or indifferent installation of this? Thanks as always in advance :)

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