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Would my house look worse w/out the window grids?

11 years ago

And the brown trim around the windows?

If I replace these windows with white windows, no grids, will it look too blank? I will keep the brown trim around the roof line and the garage.

Personally, I think I'd miss the grids most on that large picure window in the center, but I suppose that's where window treatments could really make a difference. I currently have a cellular shade there, but would probably replace that eventually, at least with a fresher cell shade.

As for the brown trim, it's hard for me to imagine the house w/out it. I know changing the windows would change the entire look of the exterior.

Also, would my garage door look better painted more the same color as the siding? I don't like the current yellowish beige which I think was used to match the yellowish beige on the current windows.

Any feedback is appreciated!

One more you think there will still be the tax credit for new window installs next year?


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