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How do I make my Kendall Charcoal work for me?

9 years ago

I would so appreciate some color advice.

We are on the final stretch of a new build. The house is contemporary, but colors throughout are warm. There is a combination laundry/office/hobby room that is "my" space. The area is about 12 x 18 feet.

I would like to have a little fun in this space. There are plenty of windows, but they are somewhat shaded by trees. Some cabinets are floor to ceiling, some are bases with uppers that go to the ceiling, and one window wall has bases with no uppers. Countertops are butcher block.

The palette of colors below will flow with what is in the rest of the house. In my space, the Palladian Blue samples that I did look more like a soft, light gray for most of the day.

My questions:

- The rest of the house has BM Pale Oak on the ceilings and in closets, pantry, etc. It seems like I need a whiter white in the room with the BM Kendall Charcoal. When I look on Houzz, the rooms where Kendall Charcoal is paired with a strong white look great. Any suggestions for a warm, but crisp white that would work with this palette? Or, should the Pale Oak be my white like in the rest of the house?

- If I do all bases and all full height cabinets in the Kendall Charcoal, and the true uppers in a white, and the walls in the Palladian Blue, should I do the ceiling in the white so that the white uppers sort of go seamlessly into the ceiling? OR should I do the ceiling in the Palladian Blue so that the walls go seamlessly into the ceiling, but the cabinet bases and uppers stand out?

- Or, should I do the Kendall charcoal for bases AND uppers, and, if so, then should I do the walls in the Palladian Blue or scrap the blue and do the white?

I am worried about under-doing and over-doing, and am now stymied. I want to end up with a calm, unique, happy, comfortable space. I have a vision of cute little red-headed grandkids visiting and doing projects and maybe camping out in this fun room some day. My kids are in college and hardly even dating yet, so it won't be anytime soon...!

Any thoughts on tweaking my colors and how/where to use them?


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