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Need ideas for livingroom furniture placement- odd room shape

15 years ago

Ok, I think it was a year or so ago I asked for help with furniture placement in my formal livingroom. I was given some basic ideas, like layout we already have. One that was good was to have a table in window corner with a few chairs. This could be for morning coffee or playing games with kids and dh. The windows really make room hard for us to imagine furniture placement.

We are just about done with floors- removed carpet and installed Pergo throughout downstairs. We installed slate in foyer and hall. Still need to finish baseboards and grout on tile. Ignore the halloween items, the tv (unless you want to buy it) the skis (again, unless you want them) and the molding on floor (I said we were finishing the baseboards). And ignore the current furniture, I may only reuse the coffee/end tables if they go with new items, otherwise they will go too.

We love clean lines, contemporary styles. No bulky items. We are thinking of a larger rug?, current is 5x7. I thought of maybe a love seat on long wall with coffee table. Then slipper chairs on the long ends of the coffee table. But the one chair would end up near the archway to the diningroom, that seemed odd. We need flow from frontdoor to room, to diningroom. We want to keep the room open and airy but still inviting. I did think of a chair with tall light for reading in the corner where the tv currently is.

Anyhoo, I have included the floor layout along with some current pics. Get your creative minds going, think outside the traditional ideas. I really appreciate any ideas, even if they don't make sense, they just might. Many thanks in advance.


Looking from archway/diningroom into livingroom:


Looking from window corner across room:


Looking from above:


How diningroom attaches to livingroom:


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