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Pine floors - refinishing with

14 years ago

My DH took vacation this week and is refinishing the floors in the sitting room and formal living room. They are the original pine floors from 1868, don't know if they are "heart" pine, but they are pine. Some of the boards are 18-20 feet long.

We can't believe how well they are turning out. We put the 3rd coat on today and will put the 4th and final coat on tomorrow. We debated about filling in the cracks between some of the boards, but decided that they are all a part of what gives the floor it's character (warts and all, so-to-speak). Now I just wish we could do the other 5 rooms that still need doing, but I guess that is for next year. We were lucky that the weather cooperated this week and was perfect for drying.


prep floors

1st coat going on

the 2 pictures below were taken this morning after the 2nd coat from yesterday was dry, we put the 3rd coat on this afternoon, but I have not gotten any pictures of that yet.

We are really glad that we decided to go with Waterlox. Both of us will just go and stand in the doorway and look into the room and smile!


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