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Next silly curtain hanging question

12 years ago

Still trying to figure out how to hang my curtains in the living room. I have a triple window that takes most of the 12-foot width of the room. I was planning on buying an adjustable metal rod from BBB and hanging 84" long pleated panels (JCP Supreme) on rings so that they would nearly come to the floor.

The problem I just realized I might have is that to hang the rod at the right height, I won't be able to install a center bracket. Will the rod be able to span all the way across without sagging? The curtains will almost always be open. Also, would it make a difference if I got a three-piece rod or a two-piece? (BBB has both.)

If I hang the rod higher, I can use a center bracket, but then I would have to buy longer curtains (and hope I can return the Supremes to JCP since it's over 90 days now). In addition, I'm not sure how it would look - my window frames are dark metal, and the architecture around the window has a concrete beam up over the windows - I'd have to hang the curtain rod on the beam, and it seems like it's too many dark horizontal lines... Hard to describe, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Here's the bare window...

Here's a mock-up with the rod & rings going across just above the window, but below the concrete beam. Can't use a center support bracket this way.

Finally, here's a mock-up with the rod mounted on the concrete beam. Can use a center support bracket here (though my super will love me forever for making him drill through the concrete THREE times!). Just for fun, I mocked up grommet curtains instead of rings...

Thank you in advance! Any advice (or reassurance!) is greatly appreciated!!!!

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