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Ok to mix appliance brands in kitchen? Please tell me Yes!

13 years ago

We are in the process of doing a "frugal" makeover in our kitchen. I say "frugal" because we did not rip it all apart and start from scratch. Instead, we have worked with the existing cabinets by painting them and saved a ton of money by not having to replace them...the cabinets were that horrid pink pickled color and this past summer my husband painted them a creamy white color and added some crown moulding to them. They look great!!

Last Christmas we replaced the dishwasher and got a KitchenAid stainless steel one (we had a KitchenAid dishwasher in our last house and loved it). Just recently we had to buy a new refrigerator because the old one conked out. We chose a GE Profile stainless steel fridge (French Door/Freezer on the bottom style). In fact, I have another thread on here about this fridge...the sides of the fridge are gray which we did not realize when we purchased it. We had assumed it would be stainless all I started a thread on here asking for creative solutions to "cover up" that side. We do love the functionality of this fridge but just not happy with the ugly gray sides....being that we under the gun to purchase something because our old fridge stopped working, we did not take the time to really research appliances.

Last week we had granite counters installed and they are gorgeous. Here is a pic of the granite is Sienna Bordeaux with lots of burgundy streaks in it.

We painted the kitchen walls a deep rich red to coordinate with the granite. We used SW's Wild Current. We are VERY happy with the color and how rich it looks next to the white cabinets. This upcoming weekend we are having a tile backsplash installed in an off white tumbled tile to tie everything together. We are also putting in a new range hood before the tile is installed. The new hood is a GE Profile stainless one. Because we have a cabinet over the stove, we could not select a large dramatic looking hood...we had to go with a petite size hood. We are also on the prowl for a new stove. Whatever we choose it will also be stainless steel. I am insisting to hubby that we get a GE Profile because our new fridge is a GE Profile and the hood is a GE Profile. My second choice would be a KitchenAid because our dishwasher is KitchenAid. I am fearful that mixing and matching different brands will not look good. Is that silly?

SO the situation is this...I am obsessing about the appliances because they are not all the same brand. The GE Profile fridge is a shiny stainless and the dishwaser is a more "muted" "brushed" stainless look. What kind of stove should I be getting??? My hubby really wants to get the GE Cafe slide in range but I am concerned that it will look bad with the GE Profile hood and fridge. I am just curious to know what other people's thoughts are on this. I know some people do not replace all of their appliances at one time so I would imagine many people have different brands but since we are making all these purchases within the same time frame I feel like we should have stuck with one brand/collection. I do agree with hubby that the stainless steel GE Cafe range is really nice looking and has all the features we want but I worry that our other appliances (including the hood) is not GE Cafe. By the way, the GE Cafe hoods are all too big for the space above the stove so that would not have been an option.

Sorry for rambling here, but just wanted to give all the information I possibly could.

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