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Living Room Layout & Oversized furniture

9 years ago

I recently took measurements of the beachhouse living room. It is 27.5 x 19.5, but with some "bites" out of it.

A few notes about this room:
1. Other than covered verandah and screened porches, this is the only living room or family room space.
2. It connects via pocket door with a fairly large dining room. I intend to use the rooms together and to use them casually ... I am putting in s 10-12' long windowseat with pillows in the DR.
3. The house has five bedrooms, plus a maid's room. We are also finishing the attic space to make a "dormitory". If the weather is bad and people are inside, this room will have a lot of fannies in it.
4. Right now it is pretty full ... games table, sofa, 3 stuffed chairs, piano, tv desk, tables, bookcases etc etc
5. Functions for the room
a. reading
b. conversation, lounging, naps
c. movie watching; only occasionally (to date we have had a summer home with zero screens or connectivity, so this is not a big issue, but I would like to be able to see a movie)
d. would like to have a small games table, but I dont have the room. Games will have to be relegated to the DR, K table and or the screened porch, I think

SO... the problem is I like comfy oversized sofas and chairs, like these:



AND if I use these, I just barely meet the minimum guidelines for space between furniture ...


Is it too big? Too much? WWYD?

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