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Using Mirror instead of Art Work

9 years ago


I have read previous posts on decorating with mirrors or how may is too much mirrors and was very helpful.

I would want to ask for you opinion on a design idea I have:

First, I have an open floor plan - meaning when you walk in the door, you can see the dining room on the left, living room on the right . When you enter my front door on the left is a wall (30 x 40) mirror for the entry way with a console table underneath; this mirror is reflecting a huge landscape art work, across the room (which would be the living room/area) On the opposite side of the living room there is another wall mirror with hand carved framing (80 x 40) with a long console table again underneath it reflecting my picture window with the view of the Koolau Valley.

Would it be too much if I hang another 60 x 40 mirror on the dining area wall on top of the buffet table to reflect a crystal chandelier I intend to purchase? Currently I have an art work (Coconut trees) on that wall but thinking the mirror would make the room seem bigger.

My husband tells me it is too much mirror, which might be right, but I just think it will look the dining area seem bigger since it is tucked by the corner of the house.

Opinions please....

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