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The first 'after' pictures of my living room...

11 years ago

I asked for some advice a while back and made some changes based on the suggestions. It still has a way to go but I'd like to get some more feedback based on the latest pictures.

Anything you can recommend to "complete" this room!

Thank you :)

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  • runninginplace
    11 years ago

    What a lovely room!! You did a great job; I like that it feels so serene and calm, but you really have everything in there needed for a functional space.

    I don't have the decorating skill to be specific, but the wall with the tv might benefit from...something. Not sure what exactly, but I'm sure there are many here with good instincts and a keen eye.

    I'll just conclude with: it looks beautiful.


  • liptonjl
    Original Author
    11 years ago

    Thank you. That TV wall is definitely lacking something, I just don't know what I could do there without spending a fortune.

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  • yayagal
    11 years ago

    I'd love to see a few large pieces of pottery at the left edge of the hearth in earthy tones like aged green and gold. Also you need some wall treatments. I'd like to see the piece you have over the fireplace put in 3 sections over the t.v. not as close together as you have it now. Then get a piece of art with more color to give the fireplace the focal punch it needs. A large canvas from Home Goods would do it. Also, for some texture, put a large round bowl on your coffee table made of either woven grasses or a rustic metal. I don't know how you feel about another rug but one with pattern would make a great difference and then there are drapes if you like them, if not rattan blinds would add more texture. I see you only have one table lamp, I'd add a floor lamp with a little attitude. It's the little extras that make a room shine. Oh and perhaps a small round table at the end of the couch.

  • cindyloo123
    11 years ago

    Wow, it looks great. So clean and comfy.

    What about tall bookshelves on either side of the TV to use up that wall and also add some height to balance the height of the TV?

    If not book shelves, some wall mounted shelves would use up the wall space nicely, without costing as much as art would cost. You do have a lot of wall to "dress" there.

  • cindyxeus
    11 years ago

    for an inexpensive remedy for the TV wall (if it wasn't already mentioned), I'd strip the color off the TV stand with something like Zip it, and repaint it the same color as your coffee table, and take the scetched glass out of the doors. Than place a couple large intesting vases on each side with something tall coming out of the vases, maybe some birch pieces to match your art work over the lighter color sofa.

  • Happyladi
    11 years ago

    What a great start! I like the bones but I think it needs some color. And there are just two many pillows! Do people really keep that many pillows on their furniture? How do you sit down?

  • blfenton
    11 years ago

    The TV console is too small for the room. It is out-of-proportion and scale to the rest of the furniture. It needs to be bulkier and not as delicate. Do you have another piece of furniture in another room that you can switch out for that piece? It needs to be longer and perhaps a tiny bit higher.

    If you take out Gabe's chair you have no colour in the room and except for the fireplace, very little texture. You have a brown room. Do you have some colour in your DR or kitchen that you have used as an accent that you can also bring into the living room? I know the current idea in magazines is to do nothing but neutrals but unless that is also what you wear, colour in our rooms is important. The pillows are probably new but add a couple more with your favourite colour in them. If you look at your leather couch everything is brown, I would take out those plain brown pillows because they do nothing for the couch or room and bring in some that have colour - saturated bright floral. Brown is a neutral brighten it up.

    The corners are looking a little sad as is the tv wall. In the corners you could do another side table on the other side of the couch but have it complement and not match the current one - perhaps a little bigger with a colourful vase on it.
    In the corner by the leather couch a large urn (with colour or texture) with some textured stems coming out of it to fill in the corner.

    You have a good base and now it just needs to be dressed up a bit.

  • IdaClaire
    11 years ago

    Call me crazy, but I absolutely love that shot of happy green that Gabe's chair brings to the room! I don't see the little chair as a decorating "element" per se, but I would really like to see more of that shade, as well as complementary greens, added to your pretty room, perhaps in pillows and accessories such as pottery pieces.

  • Sheeisback_GW
    11 years ago

    I really like how it looks! I love the pillows. I think adding color would be nice but I also really like it as is. I think if you're going to keep it more neutral I'd add some more texture.

    What about adding woven roman shades with some stationary panels?

    Maybe some kind of tray for remotes and odds and ends on the coffee table?

    To add some texture maybe you could get a large basket for blankets. We have a rattan one from Target and you could easily put 4 throw blankets in there. I can't find pics of the basket online but it's in stores.

    I think the console wall needs some art but I'm not real good with that.

  • cyn427 (z. 7, N. VA)
    11 years ago

    I like your room, but from the pictures it looks to me as though the couch and loveseat are not exactly opposite one another. If that is the case, I would either slide the dark brown one down toward the tv or make it centered on the three windows and adjust the placement of the loveseat. Either way, I would place them so the centers of both are lined up on each other (even if it means switching the end table to the other side of the loveseat). It just seems off to me the way it is and I am one who normally prefers asymmetry!

    I love Gabe's chair and the color it adds to the room.

  • liptonjl
    Original Author
    11 years ago

    yayagal - I had the 3 pictures over the TV. Last time I posted almost everyone said they should come down :( Haha. I love the idea for a floor lamp - that's something I hadn't thought of though.

    Cindyloo- I'd love to put up bookshelves. I originally wanted the ladder ones from Pottery Barn for each side - they're just expensive. Floating shelves is a good option though.

    Some of the pillows could go - we never really sit in there (we're always in the basement), but I want it to be more inviting.

    Gabe's chair really is the only color. I do love that shade though and I'd be happy to bring it in in other ways. Love the idea for a blanket basket. We have the one under the coffee table (it's a thick one from R.Hardware) and another herringbone one in the other room that could come in.

    Those pillows came with the couch. If I take them off the couch looks funny because the back is not really meant to be sat on without them. I could try looking for some other colors/types but they'd have to be large too for sitting purposes....

    I'll have to check to see if the couch and loveseat are across from each other evenly. Good question.

  • peegee
    11 years ago

    What a lovely home you have!!
    I kinda feel a little uncomfortable offering suggestions given that you've identified the pics as "after" photos, but since you asked for feedback: I would rethink the rug and lamp, and add some greenery - possibly something by the windows that can give some height, and more height on the opposite side via a floor lamp...I think your home has gorgeous bones - lucky you!!! The starkness of the rug to me - at least in the photos, creates a coldness and too contrastyness. The lamp, while pretty, does not appear to have enough weight/is too small in scale and the color is unrelated. A round end table placed next to your sofa in front of the window, with a lamp on that - and again some greenery on the table or aside it would be nice, and would give you more of that "completed" look.
    The picture over the couch is beautiful. I would see if it could be lowered a bit - just high enough to keep someone from hitting it when seated, though.
    If you then put a floor lamp on the left side of that couch, with a basket with a colorful shawl or something to soften that corner, I think the effect will be to keep the lovely dark rectangular frame from fighting with the dark rectangular TV. I agree to introduce some touches of color that you like/have elsewhere in your home (esp. as part of a pretty rug!) - Penny

  • alabamanicole
    11 years ago

    I agree with the comments re: the TV console, and also the lamp. Something darker and bigger for both, I think.

    Love the chair but you could use a tiny bit of that color somewhere else, perhaps as the accent on a pillow?

    Also, I'm not sold on the art about the fireplace. It suits the room, but not that spot. Something with more punch and weight needs to go there, IMO.

  • gwbr54
    11 years ago

    I looked at your earlier post -- the artwork looks so much better on the fireplace than on the wall!

    I would like to see how the room looks with leather sofa where TV is now, and switching locations of TV and loveseat.

  • gwbr54
    11 years ago

    oops - hit submit button too soon. A large round or oval tray on the coffee table would introduce a little bit of a curve to the space. As would the previous suggestion of round container for throws. And I would lower hang the artwork closer to the sofa or loveseat back -- 4-inches above sofa back is not too close.

  • cindyloo123
    11 years ago

    Definitely lower the picture above the loveseat.

    I think the art looks perfect on the fireplace, but something really stunning and bright on the mantel would give the area some razzle dazzle.

    I think the lamp on the table is as heavy as it should be. That is a small table. I think the framed picture on that table is a little too large though. I see no need to darken the TV cabinet.

    The loveseat does not have to be centered across from the couch. It looks to me like the loveseat/table combo, is centered across from it.

    The only other configuration option you have would be to switch the couch and loveseat. Using the TV wall for one of those pieces is not an option because it would put your two heavy sofas on intersecting walls. The room would be unbalanced and there would be a problem with the short end of the coffee table facing one of the sofas. I'm sure you already know this, lol.

    I love the light colored rug. My favorite of all the suggestions I've seen here, is the idea of bringing in some birch branches to fill up a corner. That would reflect the white of the rug, and go perfectly with the artwork over the fireplace. I just love that idea!

    It's amazing how people differ in what they see as a problem isn't it? I guess all you can do is try each option and decide which way you like it.

  • Happyladi
    11 years ago

    It's a lovely room, you should use it sometimes and not just use the basement.

    As for the pillows, I was thinking the leather sofa had too many more then the other sofa. Maybe do fewer pillows but some with some color or design.

  • Mom2BoysWisconsin
    11 years ago

    Lucky me, I have the benefit of all of the other fablous suggestions...I agree that there needs to be some color. That was my first impression. I think a rich burgundy and an earthy green or olive for accents would be good. Perhaps some pottery vase(s) on the mantle. I would also lower the mirror over the love seat. What about a plant stand with a lovely Boston fern next to the window to the left of the TV? The floor lamp idea is really good too. To expand on the good idea of "introducing texture" to the room, how about natural shades? You can get them in "bottom up/top down" which might be important with those beautiful windows that you have. There is a playground of tools on the Bali site (a virtual decorator, free mobile app, etc). I've attached a link for the natural shades. Order free swatches to see how you like them with your room. You are off to a great start.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Natural Shades Bali Blinds

  • Pipdog
    11 years ago

    I love those natural shades, but I think there are too many shades of brown/beige in the room and I'd love to see very bright curtains with a pattern (turquoise? red? green to match Gabe's chair?) to give the room some softness and a playful punch of color. Whatever color you choose, I'd add some accents around the room (a colorful vase, throw, a photo frame) in the same shade to make it cohesive.

    I agree with those that said the TV stand looks a little out of proportion. I also think that piece doesn't really match the style of the rest of the furniture. Any way you could mount the TV on the wall?

    I think you're off to a great start, it just needs some finishing touches and some color!

  • kristinekr
    11 years ago

    I agree with many of the previous posters--the room looks great--just needs some colorful finishing touches. I would do curtains in a lively color and then bring that color and some textures throughout the room in throws, accessories, baskets ect. The room as is looks a bit stark.

    I agree with the suggestions for a floor lamp to fill the corner and maybe some shelving on the tv wall. Maybe some plants if your little one won't pull it over.

    Some changes that I would think about would be a larger tv console and maybe a more colorful rug. However, I think if there was more color and texture throughout the room, you wouldnt notice these things--they are more noticeable as there are not many accessories in the room and the tv wall is bare without any shelving and the empty corner.

    I love the fireplace!

  • maisoui1
    11 years ago

    Great job so far. Live plants would be my suggestion! You would be surprised how plants can make a difference is pulling a room together.

  • InteriorStylist
    11 years ago

    Yes that TV wall definitely needs more height & weight. I would get 2 tall palms for each corner of that wall. Fill in with floating shelves to the TV & then a horizontal ironwork wall sculpture over the TV. Or you could do single long narrow pictures on both sides of the TV (covering at least half of the vertical height floor to ceiling) & that would give you some great color.

    Architecturally beautiful room!!! Play it up with color & texture!!!

    Bamboo roman shades on the window.

    A more colorful rug.

    The picture over the beige sofa should be hung lower. The center of the picture should be no higher than 60" from the floor. Add another end table & lamp. (There should always be 5 sources of light in a room)

    I would also center the cocktail table with the fireplace to balance. (In fact I think it may be a little undersized)

  • Kathleen McGuire
    11 years ago

    You have some great pieces to work with and you've done a great job of laying the foundation. Two things I would do is switch the couches. Put the larger leather couch on the wall and the smaller lighter one in front of the windows. I thinbk it would also give you more room as you walk in from the kitchen/breakfast area. Then I would switch some pillows. The darker ones from the leather couch place on the lighter couch for contrast. They are lost against the dark brown leather. I see four stripe pillows and four taupe pillows. Take two of each away. They read cooler in tone with the rest of the furniture and the stripe seem too casual. Adding drapes would soften the room and create some warmth in there. For the fireplace, I'm not crazy about the three prints. I would try them on the wall over the couch. Instead,add some tall chunky candlesticks, a small clock, greenery or some type of rustic pottery or small framed art leaning against the back. Shop your house! A few small changes with things you already have can make a world of difference without purchasing a thing!

  • teacats
    11 years ago

    Looking VERY nice! I LOVE a calm serene room decorated in neutrals!

    Yes -- the TV stand needs to be painted or stained darker to match the tables ....

    Yes -- My vote is to remove all of the pillows -- except the two dark patterned ones on the darker sofa.

    As for the TV wall -- start a Family Gallery Wall -- with black-and-white photos of the family -- all kinds of sizes -- and add a few dark brown wall shelves. Hang some of the photos -- and place a few on the shelves and lean them against the wall. Mat the photos in simple creamy white -- and plain (but of different thicknesses) dark brown frames. THEN -- you could add a large fun clock/artwork etc. to the mix ....

    Do check around on the Pottery Barn website -- there is a Video on Wall Decor ideas too!

    Here is a link that might be useful: PB -- some ideas from Pottery Barn

  • luckygal
    11 years ago

    IMO what is missing is what is missing in many newly decorated rooms and that is the personal touch. Do you have anything you can place in that room that tells what your interests or hobbies are? Do you collect anything? Without that personal touch a room can look like every other generic room in a showroom. Also IMO what can really increase the interest in a room is to use something vintage or antique as an accessory - gives any style room a unique look. There are countless items one can find - search thru antique or architectural salvage shops for interesting items. If you don't like antique/vintage then try to find a handmade item such as a large pottery vase/jug or something made by a metal crafter. Mass produced items do not usually have the same vibe. While PB and their ilk have lots of interesting things keep in mind that thousands of other people also have those exact same items and your decor will never be really special if that's all you buy.

    You have made a great start on your decor, finding unique items to make this room truly your own is the fun part!

  • liptonjl
    Original Author
    11 years ago

    I know it's hard to tell, but we actually do have shades on those windows (top down, bottom up) shades. I wanted them to blend into the windows so it could look like they weren't there. Guess it worked :)

    I really LOVE the idea of some white birch branches in the room. Where would I find something like that? Short of cutting them off a tree...

    I love everything Pottery Barn has. I'm going to look at their wall decor ideas as suggested.

    Also, thank you so much for the comments, please keep them coming if you have them. I'd never get laundry done if I responded to everything, haha, but I am DEFINITELY taking it all in. Getting some great ideas.