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Same style crown molding?

11 years ago


We added a family room off the dining and kitchen rooms. Those 2 rooms are both completely open to the new fam room. In the dining room i have acanthus style 5" crown molding. It's 'pretty' elaborate looking. This room has a slight overhang/beam as does the kitchen. But basically it still flows right into the new space. My question is, should i stay consistent and add the same style/size molding to the new room. My concern with this is that the new space won't be formal. Or should i just do plain molding in the new space? I have heard people doing different style crown moldings throughout homes but does it make a difference when one flows into the next? And like i said, this one flows but still has an overhang beam between the two (for support of course)....

thank you!!!! :)

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