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Adding 3 way light switch

13 years ago


I currently have one light switch in my kitchen that turns on our can lights in the kitchen. I would like to add another switch on the other side of the kitchen. The existing light switch is in the middle of the run; a line is coming in to the switch, another line is going up to the can lights, and a third is continuing on to a couple of outlets.

Can someone tell me if the following will work? I will change the existing kitchen light switch to a 3 way light switch, run 14-3 cable from this 3 way light switch to new 3 way light switch on other side of kitchen. Connect new light switch using 14-3 cable. Will this work?

I have a book that details the specifics about wiring up the switches, but I wanted to know if my scheme would work! Thanks alot for any help you can give.


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