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Interior glass/soundproofing question

9 years ago

Our condo has one real bedroom and one loft bedroom. The walls to the loft bedroom are currently mostly half-walls, one of which will be completely enclosed, and on one of which we will construct a wall and closet (I guess that one will be completely enclosed too). Of the other two, one overlooks the main living area, and one overlooks the front hall. These need to be left more "open" for both light and air purposes (the room is in the middle of the unit, no separate windows).

Can anyone suggest some kind of glass/screen/sliders etc. that would not only look good (the condo is industrial - steel windows, concrete ceiling and columns and all) but also provide some level of soundproofing both from and to that room? We've seen the room done with shoji screens and while it looked great, they're not at all sound-resistant.


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