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Flickering lights and grounds not connected

14 years ago

Hi everyone,

We are trying to figure out a couple electrical issues in our house.

We moved into our first house a few months ago. Most of the hardwired lights flicker throughout the house. Appliances and things that are plugged in do not seem to flicker. I know flickering can be a big problem, but we have been trying to isolate it without an electrician for now.

We recently started replacing some of the light switches and noticed that none of them are grounded (entire house). As we go along, we have been grounding them, but this makes us uneasy. Is this something to worry about? Some of the grounds were cut really short and are hard to use.

The house was built in 2002, but the entire back half of the house was rebuilt when several large trees fell on it in 2004. We found this out from the neighbors the seller was very dishonest about several things, one of them being the major work that had to be done. He also liked to cut corners wherever he could.

My first inclination is that something was done incorrectly during the repair work. Does this sound right? If so, is there a way to find out if the work was done by licensed contractors? If we have to hire an electrician to fix it, and it is an expensive job, do we have any recourse against the seller (this is in VA)?

I appreciate any help you can offer!


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