Replacing aluminum wiring with copper without ripping drywall

7 years ago

Hi All. We have aluminum wiring in our home and we have been here for about 7 years now. Basically most of our problems are from the kitchen as that is where we have the biggest electrical loads (i.e appliances)

So for a while the breakers have been tripping for the kitchen circuits and I want to replace the wiring for the kitchen and part of the living room. We have pigtailed it before but that hasn't done much.

I want to do this without ripping the drywall. We run copper wire from the load center through the basement. Once we are underneath the old outlet, we drill into the middle of the wall from the bottom (through the baseboard) and fish the new wire into the outlet.

I will do this for 3 circuits total (totaling 8 or so outlets) and 3 of them I can access directly from the basement without much drilling.

Is this the easiest way to do this? I will keep the old wiring in the wall of course and here is a link that talks about this (toward the bottom)

Please do note that I havent done any wiring before but I do understand the basics and am an electrical engineering student. We would have hired an electrician to do this but we are not able to due to financial reasons.

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