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Question about cabinets/shelving next to fireplace PICS

14 years ago

Some of you may recall my dilema with my living room. I've finally called a carpenter to give me an estimate on building some custom cabients to flank our fireplace. I'm thinking about just getting the bottom cabinets (with doors) and then maybe putting some floating shelves above them to simulate a built-in feel but without the added cost? But our fireplace is built directly form the wall...i.e. we don't have a recessed space where the cabinets would go. Would floating shelves look odd without the recess?

Just FYI, there is hardwood under the carpet and I'll be ripping up the carpet when cabinets would be installed. I'm also thinking about tiling over the brick with either a porcelin tile or maybe even granite tiles, so I'm thinking white cabinets/shelving would look best, as I will also be painting all teh trim white.

Here's a pic of the fireplace (I moved furniture out of the way for the pic that's why it looks empty).

Here's a pic I found with cabinets and floating shelves, but this does have the recess:

Here's a pic with just the cabinets and no shelves:

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