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Best way to dress wires in meter cabinet?

9 years ago

Hi guys, I'm a commercial electrician by day (mainly industrial and controls) and could really use a hand from some residential pros. I'm installing new service (200amp 4/0 aluminim)to my home and all I have left to do is land the the wires at the meter cabinet. Have a 2" conduit from utility co. transformer and a 2" conduit going out to main electrical panel, both come into the bottom of meter box( left KO and right KO). Here's my question. When landing the wires on the load side of the meter how do you route your cables? Straight in from conduit right to lugs which requires bending the hell out of one of the wires or coming up and over the top lugs and then bringing in from the top? Is it requires to have a little loop for ground heaving (I have expansion couplings) or is it okay to go straight to lugs. By the way, I don't know how the hell you guys deal with this URD on a daily basis, I'm down to 9 fingers and can no longer stand straight up. Thanks guys.

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