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passing wire through a panel

15 years ago

I'm installing a generator interlock switch to my main panel and have a question on running the wire in from the inlet outlet for the generator. I have a in the wall main panel with a sub panel in the adjacent stud cavity. I'll be mounting the inlet box next to the sub panel on the wall. It would be easiest to run the wire from the inlet box into the sub panel, then trough the conduit that connects it to the main panel and hook it up to the backfed breaker in the main panel. Can I legally do this, and if I'm using romex type cable (10/3), can I leave the wires in the insulation as it runs through the sub panel,then strip the wires where they enter the main panel. My reason for doing it his way is that I would not have to open up the dry wall to do it this way or drill any studs. My space around the panels for mounting the inlet box is very limited.

Lastly, I read on one forum that you need a special backfeed breaker for the interlock switch but when I questioned an electrician while I at the electric supply shop picking up parts, he said he just uses normal breakers for hoooking up interlock switches

Thanks for your answers. Kevin

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