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house exterior help--shutters? paint the brick?

9 years ago

I am looking for some advice on how to improve our home's exterior. I dislike the color of the brick and especially the red door, shutters, etc--I think the color does not look good with the siding and brick. Anyone care to weigh in on some of these questions:

1.) Should I just remove those shutters? Or paint them? They look weird to me in general, but I especially don't like the color.

2.) Has anyone had experience with staining brick a different color? I wish ours was not so early 90's pink looking. I don't want to paint the brick but still want to change the color somehow. Maybe just whitewashing?

3.) Any ideas for paint color schemes in general? (Our HOA is pretty strict about requiring "earth tones" for the siding colors, although we are allowed to do some colorful trim/doors/etc)

4.) Opinions on whether the garage doors should be the same color as the trim (like they are now) or the same color as the siding?

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