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Backup generator - do I need one?

11 years ago

City boy got a second home 2 years ago in the mountains nearby - about 2 hours away from Los Angeles area.

The first winter had most snow in 50 years - the power lines (which come down a dirt road into the valley were I am) were knocked out and we had no power for 3 weeks. Power is needed to pump water from a spring container, so we just stayed away. Pipes were wrapped and we had no breaks. It's a SoCal winter, and we're at 4700 ft., so we might get some nights in the teens, but most days moves back above freezing.

This past winter had some snow also (usually not more than 2 feet), but no power outages.

Power outages in summer are possible (gets windy at times, and some thunder storms) but nothing so far. And I think repairs would be faster in the summer as access to the power lines would be much easier.

So, are standby backup generators for people who have REAL winters? I suppose I could get a portable generator and use it if I really needed it, but otherwise I would just wimp-out, grab what's in the fridge and head back to the city. Costco has a Honeywell 15kw backup generator for about $3800 including the automatic transfer switch (a bit less for a 10kw version). Is that overkill for someone in my situation? City boy seeking advice.

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