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white cabs & wainscoting--same shade white?

14 years ago

I am trying to plan my new bath. I have checked out some of the pics that you fine people have posted and am very impressed with your talents. I consider myself color challenged.

I think I have decided on white painted cabs and wainscoting. I like linen white that has been posted, although apparently I can't get that north of the border but I am still trying. I have a BM dealer close to me but it has very poor help. I think if I could find samples somewhere they could get it mixed. Simply white is very nice too.

Question-Do I paint everything the same white or do you do the cabs and trims in a different shade. If I need 2 shades, what two work well together, which ones do I use. I am trying to stay away from something too bright white or anything too yellow, I really just want creamy.

Thanks for your help again, you guys are awesome. I sometimes wonder how many of you do this for a living, cause many of you would do very well!!!

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