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Paint for kitchen w/ honey oak cabinets and terra cotta floor

10 years ago

Hi everyone! I have been eager to join this forum for quite some time now. After lots of lurking, I've decided to create a new post for my current project -- it's becoming quite overwhelming.

My husband and I will be moving into a quaint little Florida house that is in much need of a face life. I feel pretty confident about our projects for the LR and DR but the kitchen seems to be the most challenging for me.

Because I'm usually a fan of darker woods with rich (yet vibrant) color, I'm in dire need of help finding paint for the kitchen. The cabinets are honey oak (I wish I had the money to replace or paint them, too, but it's not an option at this time) with a warm beige and terra cotta backsplash. The floor is a darker terra cotta, Spanish-style tile with dark grout.

I originally wanted to go with a neutral color that would play off the lighter tile in the backsplash. However, everything I'm coming up with leans toward yellow and looks awful. I've had some friends suggest sage green and although I'm not against the idea as I'm a huge fan of color, sage green has always been one of my least favorite colors.

What do you think? Please feel free to give me your best suggestion, even if it is green. :) Thanks in advance.

PS - Would you keep the island? I'm tempted to remove it in an effort to open the kitchen up a bit. My friends say I'll miss the counter space but I beg to differ. Less space = less clutter for me.

PPS - the appliances will be replaced within the next few months, so please discount them when making your suggestions.

Here are some photos...pardon the poor quality cell phone photos, they show shades of blue that are really not there (like at the entrance to the kitchen in the first photo). Also, this is currently my mother-in-law's kitchen with her belongings still in place. We will be walking into a clean slate on move-in day.

Thanks for helping!

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