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Ceiling fan wiring problem

15 years ago

I need to replace my lighted ceiling fan. I want the switch on the wall to control the light only; the fan should be controlled by the pull chain on the unit itself.

Here's what I have:

-One switch on the wall.

-2 sets of wires in the junction box in the ceiling. Each set has a black, white, and ground wire. One set is controlled by the switch on the wall.

-A ceiling fan (with light kit) that has black, white, blue, and ground wires.

We took down the old fan but forgot to record how it was connected (so we could duplicate the wiring with the new fan). We tried various combinations (ones that were safe, of course), but could not get it to work like we wanted. The only way we could get it to function was to connect to the switched wires only (white-white, ground-ground, black-black-blue) and cap off (i.e., not use) the other set of wires in the ceiling.

Can anyone please tell me how to reconfigure it so that I get my desired output (light controlled by switch, fan controlled by pull-chain)?


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