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Replacing old ceiling fan wiring issue

13 years ago

When I took down the old cheapo fan the PO installed I noticed that they used only 2 white wires to make it work. IIRC,they had it white to white, and blue and black to the other white. And it worked fine. Well until the blades started to fly off in different directions, that is.. : )

My new Hunter has the green ground wire, a black, black with white stripe, and a white wire. I've tried switching them from one to the other but I'm still not getting any juice from the switch. However I did notice that there are a couple black wires pushed way up in the box that have been taped off for many years judging by what the tape looks like. I feel like I should be using at least one of them, but then again the PO only used the two whites. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


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