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Quality of Pottery Barn (Teen) Fabrics

Valerie Noronha
12 years ago

I recently ordered the black & white dottie duvet cover for my DD from PBteen. After washing it, I noticed a small 1/2" tear in the fabric so I sent it back. Today I received the replacement which I again washed and again I noticed a small tear in the fabric. While I didn't check before washing, I do have a fairly new washing machine and no other problems with other fabrics getting damaged--so can't really blame it on the washer/dryer. Between what I paid for the duvet cover and the insert, I expect a lot more in terms of quality and durability. It's not like it's a $30 comforter at Target or BBB for goodness sake! I'd be interested in hearing what others' experience has been with Pottery Barn fabrics.

At this point I'm trying to decide if I should exchange it yet again or just ask for a return and try to find something else in black & white. It's the Black & white dottie duvet which my DD really likes and which we paired with the black & white zebra sheets (which we've already used). I just painted DD's room turquoise a few weeks ago and planned her decor around using the PB dottie bedding.

Here is her room so far:

This is really irritating as DD and I have coordinated her whole room around this bedding and I hate the thought of trying to pick out something else. So, should I give it one more try or start searching for some other bedding? If so, any suggestions for a replacement? DD really likes the dots--is not interested in any florals, etc. and we want to stick to B&W.

Here is a link that might be useful: DD's Duvet Cover - except in B&W

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