Want to update my dining room-suggestions please

9 years ago

Beekeepers paint color thread has given me courage!

The colors Bee is considering are pretty close to the overall color of my wallpaper. But my dining room could use a bit of a facelift.

Here's the backstory....

I host Thanksgiving every year. At that time this table has 4 leaves, and rotates the other direction. (And the settee goes to visit the garage for a few days then.)

The little settee has a umber colored linen slipcover. I like to sit there and read the mail. This room gets very nice light during the day. Front window faces north, two smaller windows face east. It's a quiet spot for reading.

Home was built in 1931 and has great moldings and nice wood floors. Woodwork must stay white to match the white windows.

I just now removed the swaggy valances that have been over the windows for over a decade. Windows have wooden roman blinds.

So now what?

Options would be :

new valance

leave windows bare

add drapery

something else?

We live on a street with little traffic, so privacy is not a concern.

paint a different color on bottom of wall/keep wallpaper

change wallpaper/new color on bottom of wall

remove wallpaper and paint

I have never had a rug in the room, mostly because I was not sure if it should be sized for the every-day, or for the full-on Thanksgiving table. Also we have some older relatives and I hate to worry about them tripping and scooting in and out on a rug. So I am fine with no rug, but please tell me what you think....

Recover chair cushions is a possibility. The chairs that go to the table have a linen fabric on them. The 2 white chairs with the pink seats do not have to stay.

There are also 2 arm chairs that go to the table currently used in other rooms.

I won't be changing any of the wooden furniture.

Any and all accessories are changeable. Also artwork and wall decor.

Lighting...possible new chandy

possible new buffet lamps

Suggestions welcome

Just lay it on the line for me please.

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