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Satin Paint on Home Office Walls?

14 years ago

Right now I have Pearl Finish on my Walls in Benjamin Moore Regal AquaPearl Linen White. I the Pearl Finish (in between the shine of Eggshell and Satin I was told) 2.5 years ago since I liked the less chalky look than the Eggshell finish. I never liked the look of flat paint. I also have lots of clients in and out of my home office and the walls get beat up with sometimes them bringing their children and other times just having the salt delivery guy bumping into the wall. I like having a wall that is easy to wash and clean scruff marks off of and does not have a chalky feel when I touch it.

If I go with the BM Aura Paint, they have an Eggshell and a Satin. I want to use Satin but most of the painters I am interviewing keep telling me to go with the Eggshell.

If I go with the Natura Paint, then I have no choice but to use Eggshell since Semi-Gloss is too shiny for the walls.

I want to use gloss on the trim but both BM Aura and BM Natura come in only Semi-Gloss for trim so I guess I will live with the Semi-Gloss. I am repainting the walls once the cabinets are moved out of her to BM Bone White from BM Linen White.

Has anyone use Satin on their walls and like it or wish they went with less shine?

I will cross post this to the Paint Forum also but they usually do not get many replies.

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