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GOG- anything weird I need to know?

15 years ago

I'm getting a 20-something x 20-something piece of glass off craigslist tonight; I think I'll make this my next project. It's nothing fancy- just a plain piece from a picture frame, but I thought it was a nice size for a project, so I snatched it up.

For GOG projects, any weird tips I should know about, or just "glue & go" like with other mosaic? I'll probably make this a hanging thing of some sort, cuz since it's from a frame, I doubt it's sturdy enough/thick enough to use as a table surface.

And on that note, if I WERE going to hang it (I'm presently thinking of a thin leather strap as inspiration, then working some colors/designs that would accentuate that), how do you cut holes in it to attach said hanger material?

This should be fun; I'm wanting to finish the backsplash and get away from broken dishes/ceramic for a while and work with pretty glass tiles!

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