making murphy bed w/sliding bookshelves

13 years ago

Saw photo in Southern Living web site for a bookcase wall that hides a murphy bed...we are considering doing it for guest room in house so that it can be used mainly as my study and give us some bookshelves--master does not really have space for them...

the limited amount of information on the photos says a track and wheel assembly is what the two center bookshelves are attached to --they are pulled apart to reveal the back/bottom of the murphy bed platform which can then be pulled down

the type of wall-bed mechanism is not mentioned--I have been all over the Internet tonight looking for better instructions--there are several companies that make a system similar to buy but frankly they are either too tacky or way too expensive...

I was wondering if it would be possible to buy some unfinished bookshelves (real wood) and get local carpenter to construct the system...

we would like to match the finish to nice wooden computer armoire that we would put in there as well...

I found some of the sites for the barn-door type of track to hang the bookcases heavy can these bookcases be? should the bottoms have casters? or would some of the furniture glides glued to the bottoms work as well and not snag in carpet?

our bedroom has carpet and the one in the photo looks like maybe tile--difficult to tell...

should the two end bookcases be attached to the wall?

what system for the wall (murphy) bed itself--

I understand the piston system is attached to the sides of the frame around the bed...and the balancing springs has to be floor mounted--difficult to remove w/o leaving slab damage...won't be in daily use--only a guest bed

you can see how the bed looks with bookcases open on second photo click

any help appreciated...

Here is a link that might be useful: handy hidden bed

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