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Andersen Renewal vs Starmark Windows

10 years ago

i currently have a secondary home that we are re designing and we need new windows with a stainable wood grain interior. we had both Andersen Renewal come out as well as another company that offers Starmark windows by Okna. both windows were nice and come with stainable interiors. what i did notice was that the Starmark window had much better performance( more energy efficient) numbers than the Andersen Renewal but was much less expensive. the Starmark double pane window had a total Ufactor of .25 whereas the Andersen Renewal was a .30 mahbe a .29 .
both the Starmark and renewal are composites, the Starmark is a solid cellular pvc while the renewal is part vinyl mixed with wood flower ( saw dust) . both windows are maintenence free which means they wont absorb moisture like regular wood windows but give the look of a wood window. both windows also come in solid white as well as the stainable composite wood interior. we want to stain our windows cherry.
the Starmark did look solid and we did like it. it also comes in triple pane glass with a total Ufactor of .19 with Argon and .15 or .16 with krypton. however, we are going for just double pane since its a secondary home. The Renewal didnt come in triple pane but that will not effect our decision. why is the Starmark window less expensive than Renewal? am I missing something here?

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